3 Ways To Boost Your Magic and Create Positive Change

11:52 AM

The moon entered Capricorn this morning, an excellent time for clear short-term goals. Given world events and uncertainty in health, economics, and politics, many healers, shamans, witches, druids, and other magical folk have been called upon to add their power to address these issues. With so many urgent concerns, choosing where to begin can be overwhelming. 

   1.    Timing

           Full Moon in Aquarius
    August 3, 2020, 11:59 AM EDT
Let the moon be your guide. Between the New (Dark) Moon and the Full Moon concentrate on magic to increase. The next few days as we approach the Full Moon will be especially powerful for increasing spells. After the Full Moon and until the next New Moon, shift your concentration on magic to decrease something. 

Examples of magic for increasing:
·     Healing spells 
·     Protection spells
·     Wisdom and enlightenment spells
·     Peace spells
·     Prosperity spells
·     Flow of certain goods (like masks and other PPEs)

By shifting your focus after the Full Moon, when the moon wanes, you can turn the above concerns into decreasing spells. 

Examples of magic for decreasing:
·     Decrease the virus spread
·     Decrease threats to a group or individual
·     Decrease violence and unrest
·     Decrease shortages of vital supplies

    2.    Narrow Your Focus

Magic and healing are boosted with focused intent. When performing distance Reiki, for example, you can blanket an individual with healing energy for general well-being. But if you know the individual has a malignant tumor, you would focus Universal Life Force Energy like a laser and beam it on the tumor to shrink the cancer and heal the surrounding tissue.

Similarly, a spell to heal all who are sick would have less chance of success than, a spell to increase the good health of a particular individual — perhaps a family member, friend, or a Supreme Court justice.
Narrowing your focus also helps you determine what unwanted consequences, including karmic repercussions, might occur if your magic works. Frame your spell carefully and specifically with harm to none.

 3.    Utilize Correspondences

For deep, important spell work, boost your magic by incorporating or working with helpful correspondences. In addition to the phase of the moon, consider the best day of the week.[1]

·     Sunday: Utilize the Sun’s energy for magical workings for general success, business ventures, professional success, and efforts involving friendships, happiness, and mental and physical success.
·     Monday: Harness the Moon’s energy for efforts concerning women, family, home, gardening, and medicine.
·     Tuesday: The energy of Mars boosts magic concerning men, conflict, physical endurance and strength, surgery, and political ventures.
·     Wednesday:Mercury’s energy benefits efforts regarding those in the creative arts, teachers and students, communications, and self-improvement.
·     Thursday:Utilize Jupiter’s influence for workings concerning general success, prosperity, accomplishments, and legal matters.
·     Friday:Venus’s warm energies benefit matters of the heart, music, comfort, and pleasure.
·     Saturday:Saturn’s karmic energies assist magic concerning reincarnation, karmic lessons, wisdom, and the eradication of disease.

Other correspondences to consider include color, plants, stones, and planetary hours.

The Magical Cauldron

Recently, I was asked to think of one thing I could add to the Magical Cauldron to facilitate positive change. I ask the same of you. What is your greatest strength? What can you calmly, thoughtfully add to the Magical Cauldron to safeguard your country, your ideals, or your family?

May it be so.
Ariella Moon
Copyright 2020 by Ariella Moon

[1]Dorothy Morrison, The Craft: A Witch’s Book of Shadows (St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 2001), 31-32

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