Find Balance This Equinox Despite Planetary Retrogrades

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The autumn equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere on September 22, 2022. This annual astronomical event, when day and night are in equal measure, is an excellent time to bring yourself into spiritual and emotional balance.


Only six moonwalking planets stand in your way.

 Planets in Retrograde


We are in the thick of Mercury retrograde until October 2, possibly causing communication and technology breakdowns. Saturn retrograde grips us until October 23, causing us to reexamine our friendships and long-term goals. 

Mars retrograde, October 31, 2022—January 1, 2023 may lead us to notice:


“…curiosity is at an all-time high, communication is even more rapid or divisive than usual, or misinformation unspools at a dizzying speed.” ~Chani


Until December 3, Neptune retrograde prompts us to reexamine our aspirations.

Meanwhile, the energy of Jupiter retrograde, active through November 24, pushes us to grow our network and fuel our dreams. But Uranus retrograde, which lasts until January 22, 2023, requires patience. 


Disharmony is catching, but only if we give it power. 


Choose to override retrograde influences and instead create healing and balance. Turn your thoughts inward and ask, “Where and how do I want to spend my energy?”


 To Achieve Balance and Harmony, Draw in Earth and Celestial Energies


Visualize the chakra (vortex of moving energy) in the arch of both feet opening. From these apertures, extend invisible roots into the ground, then draw Mother Earth’s calming magnetic energies up to your Heart Chakra via the major chakras located along your spine. The Heart Chakra is the center of the subtle human energy system.


Now shift your attention to the Crown Chakra at the top, or slightly above, your head. From this vortex, draw down to your Heart Chakra grace, gratitude, and tranquility. By blending the nurturing energy of the earth with the expansive, protective energies of the divine, we can bring peace and balance into our life. 


More on 2022 planetary retrogrades: - :~:text=The reason Mars will spend,decided to extend their stay.

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