Ariella Moon
Reiki Master
Young Adult Author
Ophelia Project Mentor
Ordained Priestess, Goddess Temple of Palm Springs

Shamanism in Palm Springs 

Growing up, I associated shamanism with Native Americans, drumming, and burning sage. Given my Celtic ancestry, lack of rhythm, and allergy to sage smoke, my career prospects as a shaman appeared dim. Then, in college, I realized shamanism exists all over the world, and in diverse cultures.

Palm Springs Shaman

I was already a Reiki Master when the opportunity manifested to learn shamanism from a hereditary shaman from El Salvador. She taught me the shamanic arts and so much more. A shaman is an intermediary between the mundane world and the spirit world. I treat the soul. And the soul exists in the past, present, and future. To heal someone’s soul or life force, I may have to journey through time and space, and navigate non-ordinary realms and dimensions.

Fortunately, I have a sacred drum CD, and a bottle of homemade sage oil spray.

I am also the published author of non-fiction articles on women’s spirituality. My fiction works include The Teen Wytche Saga and The Two Realms Trilogy. You can discover more at AriellaMoon.com and http://ariellamoon.blogspot.com/

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