March Pisces New Moon: Healing Old Wounds

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Photo by William Farlow

New Moon Magic

March 2, 2022
12:35 pm EST, 9:30 am PST

March's Pisces New Moon is a potent time for water magic and trance work, which can facilitate other aspects of this moon: healing old wounds and grief, and releasing feelings and thoughts that no longer serve your highest good.

The Healing Power of Water

Finding a clean source of water was key to our ancestors' survival. The relief and joy they must have felt  upon discovering potable water still resonates in our DNA, and is carried forward from one generation to the next. Water nurtures life, our body, and our soul. Whether appearing as a trickling fountain, a winding stream, or a mighty sea, water can invoke calm, peace, and Spirit.

Photo by Ant Rozetsky

Water Magic for Releasing Anxiety, Depression, or Grief

If possible, perform this exercise at a lake or ocean where gentle waves lap the shore. If unable to access such magical places in person (many of us are landlocked), then visit one in your imagination, or aided by a video (many can be found on YouTube) or a CD. One of my favorite CDs, created by a tai chi instructor, Wendy Helms, is Waves of Qi. Helms incorporates relaxing sounds she composed, which sometimes makes it difficult to hear the waves. Beginners might prefer waves only.

  • Begin by folding a paper vertically.
  • Entitle to the left of the fold, DISEMPOWERING. In this column, list words that disempower you, such as:

Now flip the paper so the negative words or phrases are hidden. Entitle this side, EMPOWERING. List words that lift you up, such as:

  • Now focus on the waves. Be present with the water. Inhale as a gentle wave slides ashore. Exhale as the wave recedes. Sync your breath to the lake's or ocean's movements until you feel yourself becoming one with the water.
  • As a wave slips upon the shore say (using your own words):
"I breathe in Joy."
As the wave withdraws, say, ""I breathe out grief."

Next onshore wave:

"I breathe in Peace."
As the wave recedes:
"I breathe out anxiety."

And so on. Repeat as often as needed until your body feels relaxed and calm. In the future, you will be able to envision and hear waves wherever you are, and breathe in positivity and empowerment, and breathe out negative thoughts and feelings. By making this a daily practice, you will raise your vibration, promote inner calm, and open yourself to happiness.

Blessed be.
~Ariella Moon


New Moons mark new beginnings, making March's Pisces Dark Moon an ideal time to launch THE VIKING MIST. Also available on Rakuten Kobo.

Besides, I couldn't resist the magical correspondences linked to this moon - casting a glamour, shape-shifting, and water magic - all vital elements in this sequel to THE BELTANE ESCAPE and its companion novella, THE AMBER ELIXIR.

Happy reading!

Blessed be.

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