The Hunter Full Moon: Healing Ancestral Trauma, Plus Book Promotions

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Last night, Mother Moon’s bright glow cast palm tree shadows on dusty desert driveways. I imagined how easily long ago tribes, living in lusher landscapes, could have hunted elk and deer in preparation for the long cold winter ahead.


In the present, the Hunter/Blood Full Moon in Taurus marks a time to turn inward. The veil between worlds is spider web thin, increasing access to helpful ancestors. Through meditation, scrying, shamanic journeying, or channeled writing, trace whatever ancestral trauma may be present in your life that may be blocking you from reaching your goals. As images or words come to you, bear witness and gain insight, but do not engage with whomever, or whatever, you see or hear. 

Image credit: Free Fun Art from Pixabay

Once you complete your journey back through your bloodline and are again grounded in the here and now, light a candle for those who have carried and perpetuated your family’s ancestral trauma. Bless them and forgive them. After all, you may have observed yourself in a past life. Then, fortified with new knowledge and insights, vow that the trauma ends with you, that its power over your bloodline is now broken.

May it be so!

Blessed be.



Halloween Book Deals

If you’d like a little escapism after performing such heavy spiritual work, here are two specials running through October 31, 2023. 

Spell Struck by Ariella Moon

“A fantastic YA paranormal read, reminiscent of the film “Practical Magic”!  ~InD’tale Magazine

A sweet teen novel about first love, sibling rivalry, mental illness, & magic.

Regular ebook price: $2.99

Through Halloween: $0.99 at Rakuten Kobo.

Available in the United States and Canada

The Teen Wytche Saga Series Bundle Sale
By Ariella Moon

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Sale ends October 31, 2023

Happy reading!


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