Living In The Face of Death - A Virtual Zoom Meeting

10:39 AM

Doctors, nurses, teachers, and other essential workers are writing wills and taking extraordinary steps to prevent bringing COVID-19 home. Families worry about loved ones in nursing care facilities. Depression and anxiety are on the rise. For many, death has become the shadow waiting to slip under the door. 

We feel our own mortality as never before.

End of Life Doula, Glendon Muir Geikie, MSW, is a calm, compassionate voice in the rising storm. I look forward to his virtual Zoom meeting on August 13 on "Living In the Face of Death." I hope you will join me. The link above Glendon's photo will lead you to registration.   ~Ariella

Glendon Muir Geikie

Glendon was trained as a clinical social worker and maintained a private practice in psychotherapy and mediation for over 40 years in Massachusetts focusing on couples, families and trauma survivors. 

After retirement six years ago, he and his wife relocated to Palm Springs. Since being here he has volunteered at the Palm Springs Air Museum, the Riverside County Fire Department and has spent many wonderful hours with patients and caretakers at Family Hospice Care. 

He has trained with the International End of Life Doula Association As an End of Life Doula he works with individuals, their families and loved ones to transform the end of life experience and bring dignity and sacredness to the dying process. 

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