The Summer Solstice: Fire, Fairies, and Illumination

12:26 PM

Summer Solstice ~ Litha ~ Midsummer

June 20, 2020


The Wheel of the Year turns again.


Here in the Southern California desert, the summer solstice brings blazing triple-digit temperatures and increased fire danger. Like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, we will experience the longest daylight hours of the year, while my friends in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the winter solstice and the shortest daylight hours of the year.


This will not be a typical summer solstice.


The veil between worlds has thinned, as it always does at Litha and Hallows. But rather than the typical Midsummer pull towards Fairy, fire, and merriment, I sense we are moving powerfully towards a great shift. And change rarely happens easily or without pain and sacrifice.


The summer solstice is represented in the tarot by The Sun, a major arcana card which symbolizes the dispelling of darkness, and the inner light of consciousness. Spiritually, The Sun card indicates a great leap forward; enlightenment.


Recently, I told my friend and mentor, Marhya, that I was being treated for non-viral inflammations in both eyes, the result of exposure to high winds carrying toxic dust, and too much screen time.


“Here we are in the year 2020,” Marhya said, “and what does 20/20 represent? Perfect vision.”


“In shamanism,” I added, “eye illnesses suggests there is something the afflicted person does not wish to see. I can think of many things I don’t wish to see right now.” Violence. Injustice. Ignorance. Death.


May our vision be clear on this summer solstice.

May the Sun Gods and Goddesses bless us with energy and light.

May we be safe and wise.


Drum it. Dance it. Radiate your hopes into being.


© 2020 by Ariella Moon




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