Find Your Tribe

10:31 AM

Pantheacon 2018
February 16-19
San Jose Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose CA.

3 Reasons You Should Attend Pantheacon

Pantheacon ranks high on my annual conference list because it offers a unique research opportunity for my Two Realms and Teen Wytche Saga books. Chances abound for me to hone my magical and ritual skills, and to catch up with friends and pagan leaders. Here are three reasons why Pantheacon should be on your Must Attend list:

     1.    Community
Pantheacon is the largest annual pagan conference in the world. Druids, witches, shamans, ceremonial magicians, and followers of Norse, Celtic, African, Hawaiian, and other god and goddess pantheons gather for rituals, workshops, training and networking. Come find your tribe.

2.    Family Friendly
Children and teens are welcome. The program includes a few workshops designed specifically for teens, but pagan teens and preteens will feel at home at most of the Pantheacon workshops and rituals. Restricted events are well marked in the program guide.

3.    Great Vendors
Maybe you don’t want to reclaim the goddess within, journey to Thor, or learn defense against the dark arts. Maybe you just want to people watch and shop. The vending room is open to all, no conference registration needed. You’ll find cool ritual clothing and tools, potions, jewelry, art, drums, books, and more. 

Daily Giveaway!
An added reason to attend: I will be giving away a copy of Spell Check (with vintage cover) every day during the conference. If you are lucky enough to snag one (the books will be at my table display near the Carmel room, find me, and I will autograph it for you.

Blessed be.
Ariella Moon

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