Spreading Magic at Comic Con

9:46 PM

Comic Con Palm Springs
Sometimes the lines between author and shaman/healer blur. Take Comic Con Palm Springs, for example. Last Saturday, I was the lone half-Viking/half-fairy (impersonating Talfryn from The Beltane Escape) in a convention packed with cosplayers (costumed players) embodying Poison Ivy, Storm, Superman, Batman, and other beings from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and more.

A guest of Barnes and Noble Palm Desert, my mission was to promote my two Young Adult book series, The Teen Wytche Saga and The Two Realms Trilogy, and sign books. But as the day wore on, in the midst of selling books, shamanic healing opportunities arose.

Arielle Moon with future readers
Zombie Stampede

Cosplayers dressed to be seen and photographed, and many stopped beside the Barnes and Noble booth, located on a pedestrian intersection. Some of the costumes were too intense for younger children. A noisy, pushy, scary zombie stampede proved especially frightening. No wonder children reacted with delight when they saw me, a benign little fairy with purple and blue hair. I spread Reiki and sympathy, and posed for photos.

Impromptu Readings

By late afternoon, when adults and children alike appeared stressed, I pulled out my Tupperware bowl filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

“Do you believe in fairies?” I asked passersby.
“Then you may have a cookie.”

Word spread. You’d be amazed at how many people suddenly believed in fairies. A dark-haired woman approached me, and said she believed in fairies and angels. “I need a minute,” I explained, as the energetic force surrounding her made me step back.

A name came to me like a fierce wind. When I told her the name, she burst into tears and raised her hands. “Thank you Jesus!” She then explained she was immersed in a terrible legal battle with her mother and sister, and that the name I had given her was that of her angel.

I spoke with another woman while a cashier rang up her copy of The Beltane Escape. “I keep hearing the name, Celine Dion,” I told her. It turned out the young woman was at a crossroads in her career as a singer/songwriter, and Dion was one of her icons. We both felt the name was a sign she shouldn’t give up. Success was around the corner.

Psychic Protection
Although I allowed a few readings to come through, I am very protective of my energy. Energy workers, especially empaths, must surround themselves with protection so they aren’t pinged or possessed by negative energies or entities. Cast a silver egg around you, including above your head and below your feet. Protect your back as well as your front and sides. This flexible protective shell moves with you. It is impenetrable, except to love and light. Shower or sage after the event, with the intent of ridding yourself of any energies or entities not in your highest good, that may have attached to you.

Love and light,
Ariella Moon

Copyright 2016 Ariella Moon

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