August Full Moon

9:23 PM

Full Moon Greetings!

The August 2016 Full Moon has many names: Corn Moon, Sturgeon Moon, and Bear Moon among others. Traditionally, it marks a time of abundance before the seasons change, and the Wheel of the Year turns.

Here in the desert, the moon is bright orange, perhaps because of the raging fire in the San Bernadino Mountains. The air is warm and tinged with smoke.

What has this Aquarius Moon illuminated for you? Did you discover anything new? Is your life swift like the sturgeon's? Has your magic ripened like the corn? Or are you like the bear, grounded and readying for winter?

Full Moons are a time of completion. Staring down the deadline for completing my next book, I imagine standing in the paw prints of a great black bear and being grounded, and focused on my work. Alas, with the high temperatures outside, I am more inclined to hibernate.

May the fires (and floods) end their destructive cycles. May your August Full Moon be filled with magic and bright blessings.

~Ariella Moon

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