Mental Illness and Psychic Sensitivity

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I first noticed that schizophrenics appeared to be open channels - mediums unable to block or control messages bombarding them from other realms - when I worked as an assistant manager in a store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. Telegraph had a large homeless population in the early eighties (and may still to this day), and on my lunch hour I would often encounter muttering or yelling street people.

I thought of those tormented souls when when my mother returned from Africa after three years running a nursing school and bush hospital on the Uganda/Kenya border. Upon her return, and the culture shock that followed, she left her pre-Africa career as an emergency room charge nurse, and became a nurse at a private psychiatric hospital.

When I explained to Mom how psychics often receive messages in the language of symbols and metaphors, she began to look for these clues. Her conversations with patients took on new meaning and understanding.

My mother's nursing experiences in the the mental hospital came back to me when I read this well-written article, "What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital" posted by Sunshyne.

Psychic abilities, if not understood and controlled, can be frightening. No wonder so many people who experience the paranormal self-medicate with alcohol and drugs to dull the voices and visions.

What if we could change the narrative?

Mental health experts have long advocated a multiple treatment approach to mental illness, usually a combination of drugs and talk therapy. What if therapists incorporated psychic shielding and energy protection into the conversation? What if they were trained in psychic/paranormal sensitivity, and the language of mediums? How many bright minds might we save?

Let us not be afraid to look for answers beyond our own culture and realm of understanding.

Copyright 2016 by Ariella Moon

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