Experience a Bamboo Forest, 52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks, #2

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Happy Beltane! As I reflect upon this Celtic fire and fertility festival, I am reminded that fire represents purification, protection, and the creative spark. To spur my own creativity, I have challenged myself to find 
52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks.

Tracking Omens
My first inkling magic would reveal itself during my quest for fun was during my flight to Orlando, Florida. As we landed, a book slid past my feet. I caught it, turned it over, and read the cover: Shamanic Healing. On a plane packed with families headed to Disney World and Universal Studios, what were the odds this particular book would present itself? Even stranger, when I held the tome aloft and asked if anyone had lost a book, the woman who claimed it sat a few rows ahead of me. But the book had come from behind me.


One of the more fanciful omens I’ve ever tracked was the disappearing and reappearing hair tie. The innocuous black band first went missing from a restaurant tabletop in the Phoenix airport. It reappeared a day later in Orlando, and then went on to vanish and reappear a total of six times. Once, when we exited the fast moving Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ attraction (You step off the ride onto a moving conveyor belt before walking onto a solid platform.), a ride attendant called out to my daughter, “Miss! You dropped this!”

Yes, the magical ponytail band, which had been tightly encircling my daughter’s wrist, had, against all odds, magically moved again.

When I set the intention to find 52 Fun Things To Do In 52 Weeks, I should have known magical moments would manifest. Which leads me to…

Fun Thing #2: Experience a Bamboo Forest

Who would have thought that outside the noisy, colorful, and crowded Universal Studios, a serene forest awaits? I encountered the copse of tall bamboo on the path to Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. Entranced, I lingered and attuned to the magic.

A breeze off the adjoining waterway stirred the bamboo, transforming it into an organic kinetic sculpture. The green swaying stalks knocked into each other, rustling and clacking. The sounds and swaying, like the shake of a shaman’s rattle, awakened my spirit and gave it flight. Visions of another time and place welled up.

Visiting a bamboo forest is more than fun. It is feng shui for the soul.
And no ponytail bands vanished. 

Read about Fun Thing #1: Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter here.

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