Ariella Moon
Reiki Master
Workshop Leader
Young Adult Author
Ordained Priestess, Goddess Temple of Palm Springs

Shamanism in Palm Springs 

Growing up, I associated shamanism with Native Americans, drumming, and burning sage. Given my Celtic ancestry, lack of rhythm, and allergy to sage smoke, my career prospects as a shaman appeared dim. Then, in college, I realized shamanism exists all over the world, and in diverse cultures.

Palm Springs Shaman

I was already a Reiki Master when the opportunity manifested to learn shamanism from a hereditary shaman from El Salvador. She taught me the shamanic arts and so much more. A shaman is an intermediary between the mundane world and the spirit world. I treat the soul. And the soul exists in the past, present, and future. To heal someone’s soul or life force, I may have to journey through time and space, and navigate non-ordinary realms and dimensions.

Callanish Stones, Ritual for Healing, 2017

It has been my great fortune to lead or co-lead rituals in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, northern California, and inside Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK, and the Callanish Stones, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, UK.

Stonehenge, Druid Ritual organized by Mara Freeman,
Celtic Spirit Journey, 2010

I am also the published author of non-fiction articles on women’s spirituality. My fiction works include The Teen Wytche Saga and The Two Realms Trilogy. You can discover more at AriellaMoon.com and http://ariellamoon.blogspot.com/

Ariella Moon
Prior to Filming a Shamanic Journey
For British Airways and Visit California
The Rose Labyrinth
The Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Institute of Mentalphysics, Joshua Tree, California

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