The Goddess Brigid: February's Spiritual Ally in the Time of COVID

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Spiritual allies, including goddesses and gods, can provide strong protection, inspiration, and solace during adverse times. For February, let’s take a closer look at the Goddess Brigid (Brigit, Brighid, Bride, Brigantia).


As we enter our second year since COVID-19 was first reported, many are experiencing emotional, creative, and economic crises. So why turn to Brigid? I always feel Brigid’s power most strongly the first week in February when pagans celebrate Imbolc, the Celtic festival honoring Brigid. She is known as the goddess of fire, healing, poetry, and smith craft. But let us delve into the deeper meanings beneath these labels, and how they might aid us during the pandemic.

Fire: Reignite the Creative Spark

Many authors and artists found their creativity stymied during 2020’s political upheaval, social isolation, and climate of fear and uncertainty. Brigid inspires internal magic — the creative spark and inner healing. (Thoughts manifest in Air, but Fire gives them the creative spark.) Light a red candle in Brigid’s honor to renew your creativity. Safely burn it for 1 or 3 days until completely burned down. Always snuff out the candle; never blow it out, lest the magic dissipates. Never leave a lit candle unattended.


Brigid’s festival marks the halfway point of winter. The fire and light festival gave snowbound villagers, whose food may have been dwindling, hope for better times ahead. 

Photo by Philippe Ourselon Unsplash

Water: Healing and Protection

Hope has been a runaway horse during the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes galloping across verdant fields, powered by good news. Other times, Hope stumbled or disappeared into valleys shadowed by alarming statistics. No wonder mental and physical illnesses surged, as did anxiety and stress. Unseen danger—the virus—seemed to lurk on the surfaces we touched and in the air we breathed. Brigid is not a substitute for wearing a mask, washing your hands, and social distancing. But as Brigantia, the personification of her namesake, Britain, we can call upon Her for added protection and to regain our personal sovereignty.

St. Brigit's Well, Kildare, Ireland
Photo by Ariella Moon

Water is the element of emotions. Water calms. Pre-  pandemic, I made pilgrimages to wells and springs honoring Brigid’s healing powers. Dedicate a water feature in or around your home to Brigid. Or devote a bowl of spring water to Her and place it on your altar or outside. Remember to refresh the water often.

You are Invited!

A Celebration of Brigid

Saturday, January 30, 2021

6:00 PST

To receive a link to the online Imbolc ritual presented by the House of the Goddess, please contact them at


For Further Insights Into Brigid

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