House of the Goddess Year and a Day Class

8:58 PM

Goddess 101 Class begins March 10, 2019

House of the Goddess in Simi Valley.

Goddess 101 follows the ancient, traditional Year and a Day trial period for exploring a spiritual path before making a commitment. This women's introductory class to Goddess Spirituality includes principles of magic, spell craft, divination, the history of ancient religions that worshipped the Goddess, and ethics. Expect handouts, lectures, exercises to do in class and at home, storytelling, and discussion.

Seekers will meet for five Sundays in 2019: March 10, May 26, July 21, October 6, and December 7. Classes begin at noon.
Your investment: $40. per class.
Carpools forming now.

For more information, in the Coachella Valley please contact Asherah at 310-455-3232, text 310-770-3823, or email

Classes will be led by Duffy StarPsyche, Yowyn WolfSpirit, and Ellen Pele

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