Washington Post Article on "Shamans for Hire"

8:28 PM

I have never been ahead of a trend before, but according to this recent article in The Washington Post, "The wellness revolution has reached its shaman-for-hire stage."

For me, October has been particularly busy. Perhaps because the veil between worlds is so thin right now, many pets have transitioned. As a shaman, I have journeyed to the Otherworld to find these Beloved Dead. The work has been joyous. I am in such gratitude for what I have seen, and for the reassurance I can give grieving pet owners.

Chakra clearings have been in high demand this month, too. So many people are drawing in toxic energy. Is it any wonder?

After Hallows, when the veil between worlds thickens once more, take a deep breath and center yourself. Draw up healing energy from the earth, and pull down celestial energy from the sky. Shield your chakras before the next wave of holidays hits.

And if you need help, find a reputable shaman-for-hire. I hear we are trending.

Bright blessings,
Ariella Moon

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