Full Moon Magic

10:43 AM

I share this Full Moon Spell with permission from its creator, my friend Gillian White, leader of the Wyld Sister Tribe.

FULL MOON - This is the most powerful phase! Best time for magick of all kinds. Here is a wish spell for you to perform:
In the evening of the full moon light (tonight), take a goblet/cup of your favourite drink outside and look up to the moon. Close your eyes, breathe in the cleansing and healing powers of grandmother moon. Visualize your goals and dreams and when you feel ready, tell grandmother moon (out loud) what you desire. When you feel complete raise your glass to the moon and say:
“I cast my message into the air,
may Grandmother moon hear my prayer.
By powers of three times three,
as I will it, so shall it be.”
Clasp your goblet/cup with both your hands and take a BIG sip of your drink and give gratitude to our blessed moon for prayers answered and pour the rest of your drink to the ground as an offering.

Learn more about Gillian and the Wyld Sister Tribe at gillian-white.com

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