The Blood Moon, July 2018

2:13 PM

Photo by Ariella Moon
The Cranston Fire near the artsy mountain town of Idyllwild has cast smoke and ash upon Palm Springs. The result has been poor air quality, stunning sunsets, and an intense red-orange Full Blessing/Blood Moon.

Astrological Forecast

Yesterday Mercury turned retrograde, an event unfavorable to new beginnings. Mercury retrograde will remain until August 19. Today's Sun-Mars opposition, combined with a Total Lunar Eclipse and Mercury in retrograde, suggests that this full moon is not the best time to bring projects to completion. Hold off until a less competitive, less aggressive celestial alignment.

North America and Greenland will be unable to see the lengthy lunar eclipse, but we can watch the phenomenon on the PBS Newshour link:

Elemental Magic

To aid the firefighters, ask Wind to cease and Rain to fall until the fires in the West are extinguished.

With harm to none. So mote it be.
~ Ariella Moon

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