Ostara and The Spring Equinox: A Time For Change and Creativity

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In the northern hemisphere, Ostara and the Spring Equinox arrive on March 20, 2018, two days before Mercury enters retrograde. Night and day are equal. Pastel colors rule, and the lunar fertility goddess Ostara and her companion and totem, the March Hare, grace us with the promise of fertility, creativity, and renewal.

Photo by Ariella Moon
Ostara is symbolized in the tarot by The Moon card (Major Arcana, XVII). Ah, the moon. Under the lunar influence, emotions can run high, making it difficult to discern reality from illusion, truth from fantasy. But lunar energy can also stimulate change and creativity if you tap into the moon’s realm of dreams and imagination. Paint. Write. Create. Ask the goddess Ostara to bless you with inner vision, so you can effectively draw the power of the moon into your life.

Meditation to Meet Ostara
Beloved pagan elder, Selena Fox, shares a meditation to meet Ostara here. I’ll be reading an adaptation of her work during the Ostara Ritual at the Goddess Temple of Palm Springs. (See previous post for details.)

Design an Intention Egg
Using a clear wax pen or white crayon, draw or write on a hard boiled egg symbols or words that represent the magic you’d like to give birth to this spring. For example: harmony, love, creativity, runes, or dollar signs. Then dip the egg into a dye bath (commercial, or drawn from nature such as beets for red, onionskins for yellow, etc. If using natural dyes, add some vinegar to help set the color.) Dye will not stick to whatever you drew. Allow the egg to dry. 
Alternatively, dye a hard boiled egg. After it has dried, use a fine-tipped marking pen to write or draw on the egg. Either way, the egg can be eaten afterward to further internalize your intention and magic. Or it can be placed in a hole in the garden and you can plant seeds or a flowering plant above it to symbolize birthing your intention.

Bringing Your Life Into Balance
The equinoxes are a great time to assess what may be out of balance in your life. What achievable steps can you take to correct the imbalance?

Be the light.
~Ariella Moon

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