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Whether you are a shaman, witch, or solitary priestess or priest at your own altar, the road to initiation can often be derailed by life. Or work. Whenever I bemoan my lack of spiritual focus and advancement, a close friend and Wiccan High Priestess tells me, "You are advancing on your path. You are conjuring magical books."

In the Amber Elixir, an Arthurian tale of magic, fairies, shape-shifters, and the quest to win back a forbidden love, readers will meet the Lady of the Lake and Merlin as they have never seen them before, young, impulsive, competitive, and jealous.

Magic abounds in my new Lady of the Lake novella.

Viviane, the new Lady of the Lake and High Priestess of Avalon, accepts a challenge from Merlin unaware her bold actions will have tragic consequences. Two of her priestesses are turned to stone. A forbidden love deserts her. Now alone, she has six young handmaidens to train and protect.

When Morgan le Fay demands assistance with a spell that could change the balance of power in the Two Realms, Viviane refuses her. But what if Morgan’s secret knowledge could restore the stone priestesses? Would an alliance with the sorceress prompt Viviane’s love to return? Or will the gamble cost her all she holds dear?

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As you continue on your spiritual path, take heart in the knowledge that side roads and detours can take you where you need to go. You are the magic.


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