Methods of Clearing Negative Energy

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As a shaman, I’ve often been called upon to clear people, homes, and businesses of bad energy. Guest blogger/author Ingrid Koivukangas has wonderful suggestions for clearing yourself of negative energy. Be sure to enter her giveaway for an Eco Heart Oracle Deck. Welcome Ingrid!

Methods of Clearing Negative Energy

Have you ever felt out of sorts and not been sure why? Felt tired and irritable, or cold for no reason? Had things fall on you when you opened a cupboard? Kept having accidents? Suddenly started having bad dreams? Maybe you have negative energy attached to you.

We are each affected by the world around us on many levels, including the subtle energy level. Negative energy can become attached to our aura. Our auras are the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our bodies and expands up to three feet away from our physical body. The negative thoughts of others, directed towards us can negatively affect us and attach to our subtle energy body. Ever been with someone who just drains your energy and you’re exhausted by the time you leave? That can impact your energy too, long after they have left. There are a few ways of clearing this type of negative energy.

Here are a few visualization methods, Nana Brin teaches, Aurora in Hunters of the Dream, to clear negative energy and protect herself. Like Nana Brin, I recommend calling in protection before doing any type of visualization work. This can be as simple as imaging yourself stepping into a bubble of pink, or white, light that surrounds you and protects you or just visualizing yourself surrounded with white light.

1 - Salt Water Shower
You can do it the next time you’re having a shower. Just close your eyes and imagine that the water coming out of the shower is salt water. As the salt water cleanses your body, it also burns away anything that may have become attached to you. You may sense these attachments fizzling and smoking as they disengage from you. They are harmless and are swept down the drain with the salt water.

2 - Stepping into a Candle Flame
This is a very quick and easy method to use. Close your eyes and imagine yourself stepping directly into the white-hot flame of a brightly burning candle. As you step into the flame, you can sense any negative energy and attachments burning away. The negative energy cannot follow you into the flames. Stay in the flame until you feel ready to leave.

3 - Mirror Circle
Visualize yourself stepping into a circle made of tall, framed mirrors that are lying facedown on the floor. Once you are standing inside the center of this circle, say ‘Shields up!’ Imagine all of the mirrors quickly standing up to form a tight circle around you. The mirrors catch any negative energy being directed towards you and reflect it back to the sender.

4 - Ocean Cleansing
During this visualization imagine yourself at the shores of the ocean. You are in a safe and protected bay with no one else around. Walk towards the water and immerse yourself in the salty ocean. With each step you take into the water, you can feel any and all attachments being burned away, safely removed by the water. This method is one of my favorites and I’ve had orca come to help me remove really deeply embedded attachments, which completely dissipate and dissolve in the sea.

I’ve prepared a special Ocean Cleansing Meditation, that is available through the Enter a World of Wonder website. Enter a World of Wonder is a membership site where readers can continue their journey into the world of Hunters of the Dream. You can get a free download of the meditation here:

Thank you for hosting me and, Hunters of the Dream, Ariella!

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