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Chakra Clearings

Chakras are vortexes of energy in the etheric body that mark the convergence of rising earth energy and descending cosmic energy. These wheels of light propel our life force and reflect our spirit. Energy follows thought. If you are under duress and feel weighed down physically or emotionally, your chakras may shut down or become like black holes, pulling in negativity. A chakra clearing opens and resets your chakras, allowing for a renewed sense of vitality, improved mental clarity, and greater emotional balance. Sessions are one hour to ninety minutes.

Shaman Sessions

My shamanic work usually begins with a chakra clearing, which will bring you into balance and creates a diagnostic blueprint of your physical, emotional, and spiritual state. For some, no further sessions are required. Other clients choose to progress through increasingly transformative shamanic modalities specific to their healing goals. Sessions may include shamanic story catching, the use of spirit guides or medicine animals, soul retrieval, soul regeneration, illumination and extraction of dark energies, Reiki, dream work, tracking past selves, guided meditations, and journeying into other realms. 
Sessions are one hour or longer.

Personalized Rituals

Worldwide, across all cultures, rituals are recognized for their transformative and healing powers. I create individualized rituals for you to perform alone or with me, to honor you and your journey. Amount of time needed varies.

            Life Event Rituals

Friendship Honoring Ritual for Brides and Bridesmaids

An often-overlooked Life Passage is the transition from unmarried to married. A Friendship Honoring Ritual for Brides and Bridesmaids enables women to reflect upon and honor friendship and kinship ties. This ritual will include the creation of a group craft and a shamanic journey.

Customized individual and group rituals can be designed for any Life Passage.
Time varies by event.

Guided Meditation 

This is a wonderful modality for renewal, transformation, pain management, stress reduction, spiritual quests, and general wellness. Sessions are a half hour.


(Pronounced ray-key.) Reiki is the channeling of the universal life force, which some may call chi or mana. Reiki nourishes the mental, physical, and emotional bodies, opening energy blockages so healing can occur. Half and full hour sessions available.

Stress Relief and Pain Management

Your individualized session will include a combination of Reiki and Guided Meditation or Guided Imagery. Together we'll discover your innate healing abilities and you'll be given wellness techniques you can use independently. Half and full hour sessions available.

For Children and Young Adults

I tailor each session to your child's temperament, age, healing aptitude, and needs. I empower your tween or teen with tools that he/she can use at home and in school to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. Parent or guardian must attend. Sessions are a half hour.

House and Business Blessings, Dedications and Clearings

If your house or business gives you a bad feeling, then negative or even hostile energies may reside there and need to be eradicated. Service includes clearing, purification, blessing, and dedication of the space. Time allotment for the full service will depend on the size and scope of the project. For dedication and blessing alone, allow for one hour.*


For the above services:
Half hour sessions are $50.00. Hour sessions are $95.00. 90 minutes sessions are $135.00.
*Prices subject to change. Rates for media appearances are often higher and negotiated on an individual basis. For Walnut Creek and Palm Springs locations and any questions, please contact Ariella.
*Cost of House and Business Blessing, Dedications and Clearings vary according to the size of the space and degree of clearing needed.

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